Data Structures and Algorithms in Kotlin (1st Edition)

წელი: 2019
ვატორი: Irina Galata, Matei Suica
გამომცემლობა: Razeware LLC
ISBN: 978-1942878919
ენა: ინგლისური
ფორმატი: PDF
გვერდები: 404
A book that teaches you the fundamental tools of implementing key data structures in Kotlin, and how to use them to solve algorithm

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Who This Book Is For
What You Need
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About the Cover
Chapter 1: Kotlin & Kotlin Standard Library
Chapter 2: Complexity
Chapter 3: Linked List
Chapter 4: Stack Data Structures
Chapter 5: Queues
Chapter 6: Trees
Chapter 7: Binary Trees
Chapter 8: Binary Search Trees
Chapter 9: AVL Trees
Chapter 10: Tries
Chapter 11: Binary Search
Chapter 12: The Heap Data Structure
Chapter 13: Priority Queues
Chapter 14: O(n2) Sorting Algorithms
Chapter 15: Merge Sort
Chapter 16: Radix Sort
Chapter 17: Heap Sort
Chapter 18: Quicksort
Chapter 19: Graphs
Chapter 20: Breadth-First Search
Chapter 21: Depth-First Search
Chapter 22: Dijkstra's Algorithm
Chapter 23: Prim's Algorithm