JavaScript® for Web Developers PROFESSIONAL[2012]


Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 3rd Edition, provides a developer-level introduction, along with the more advanced and useful features of JavaScript. Starting at the beginning, the book explores how JavaScript originated and evolved into what it is today. A detailed discussion of the components that make up a JavaScript implementation follows, with specifi c focus on standards such as ECMAScript and the Document Object Model (DOM). The differences in JavaScript implementations used in different popular web browsers are also discussed. Building on that base, the book moves on to cover basic concepts of JavaScript including its version of object-oriented programming, inheritance, and its use in HTML. An in-depth examination of events and event handling is followed by an exploration of browser detection techniques. The book then explores new APIs such as HTML5, the Selectors API, and the File API.

Published simultaneously in Canada
ISBN: 978-1-118-02669-4