ავტორიბი: Shabbir Challawala, Jaydip Lakhatariya, Chintan Mehta, Kandarp Pate

  • Chapter 1, Introduction to Big Data and MySQL 8, provides an overview of Big Data and MySQL 8, their importance, and life cycle of big data. It covers the basic idea of Big Data and its trends in the current market. Along with that, it also explains the benefits of using MySQL, takes us through the steps to install MySQL 8, and acquaints us with newly introduced features in MySQL 8.
  • Chapter 2, Data Query Techniques in MySQL 8, covers the basics of querying data on MySQL 8 and how to join or aggregate data set in it.
  • Chapter 3, Indexing your data for High-Performing Queries, explains about indexing in MySQL 8, introduces the different types of indexing available in MySQL, and shows how to do indexing for faster performance on large quantities of data