Udemy – Learn Angular JS for Beginners

წელი: 10/2015
ვიდეო კურსი: Udemy
ხანგრძლივობა: 1 hour
AngularJS  საკითხები
-Introduction to AngularJS
-Your first simple Hello World App
-Angular Expressions
-Abstracting the controller into a module
-2 Way data handling
-Usage of ng-repeat, ng-show, ng-hide & ng-if
-Form submissions
-Usage of filter search
-Uppercase and lowercase filter
-Form validations

[spoiler title=’01 Introduction ‘ style=’steelblue’ collapse_link=’true’]


[spoiler title=’ 02 Simple Hello World App’ style=’steelblue’ ]


[spoiler title=’03 Angular Expressions’ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’04 Abstracting the Contoller into a Module’ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’05 Two-way Data Binding’ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’06 Using ng-repeat’ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’07 Using ng-show, ng-hide, and ng-if’ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’08 Form submission’ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’09 Using a Filter to Search ‘ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’10 Currency, Uppercase and Lowercase Filters’ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’11 Discussion on Form Validation ‘ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’12 Demo on Form Validation’ style=’steelblue’ ][/spoiler]