Unity 2D Game Development – Beginners Guide [2018]

წელი: 30.04.2018
შემქმნელი: Packt Publishing
ავტორი: Lauren S. Ferro
ხანგრძლივობა: 2:24

თუ გაქვს იდეა და არ იცი თამაში როგორ შექმნა მაშინ ეს კურსი შენთვისაა

T[bg_collapse view=”button-blue” color=”#ffffff” icon=”eye” expand_text=”საკითხების ნახვა” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]able of Contents
Press Start
The Course Overview
The Game Design Process
The Unity Engine
An Overview of Built-In Features in Unity
Working with Assets
Textures and Sprites
Setting up Sprites
Setting up the Angel Cakes project
Let’s Make Some Prefabs
Audio and Sound FX in Unity
Creating and Assembling the Angel
Moving the Character to the New Position
Collectable System
Prefabs for Our Game Objects
Building the Map
It’s About U and I
Introduction to the UI System in Unity
Creating a Game Over Screen
Freeze! Creating an Intergalactic Shooter
An Overview of Game
Setting Up the Project
Introduction to the Animation System
No One Is Alone Forever
Player Controller
Enemy Controller
Alternative Enemy Controller
Shooting with Passion
Getting Serious about Gameplay
Building the UI
Building an Infinite Scrolling Map
Spawning System[/bg_collapse]